The launch of the Global Heritage Forum in September 2013 was an initiative of INTO, the International National Trusts Organisation, as the founding global partner; Europa Nostra joined as the founding European partner and European Heritage Association as local partner (EHA founded The Best in Heritage conference and provided the incentive for this project too). The project will from now on be located on the INTO web site:

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Global Heritage Forum

With INTO (International National Trusts Organisation) as the founding global partners, and EUROPA NOSTRA as the founding European partner and host, European Heritage Association announces the launch of the "Global Heritage Forum", to take place at this year’s event in Dubrovnik. The aim of this Forum is to bring together senior representatives of global and European heritage and museum organisations, some of which are already our partners and patrons, enabling them to discuss a "Global Agenda for Heritage". This "top level, low key" informal meeting on global strategy and action with regard to heritage is intended to become a regular feature at the annual "The Best in Heritage" conference. Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage City, with its unique heritage spirit and setting, is a perfect place for such a gathering. The launch of the "Global Heritage Forum" in 2013 will coincide with and contribute to the celebration of EUROPA NOSTRA's 50th Anniversary Year.

About The Best in Heritage initiative

After eleven successful annual editions, The Best in Heritage is becoming one of the obvious points of inspiration and encounter for the broad heritage profession, including seemingly distant occupations as museums, heritage institutions, conservation and diverse hybrid institutions. The event is recognized for the cross fertilizing effects due to the richness of experiences from different domains of care and communication of heritage. Therefore, we offer a platform for regular encounters of the representatives of the public memory occupations on their way to form a mega-profession. What the grand, future profession needs is common denominators through getting to know the others in the, otherwise, “dismembered ranks”.

Global Heritage Forum

In recent years, in response to difficult economic times, globally we are seeing governments at all levels adopting short-term expedient approaches to the heritage sector, being a key part of the wider cultural sector. We have seen a shift away from cultural heritage funding, with many museums and other cultural institutions seeing their budgets slashed to, some say, near unsustainable levels. We have also seen tendencies to weaken the legal protection and planning regulations related to the safeguard of our heritage. As a result, the quality and viability of heritage conservation is today in jeopardy. In these critical times, a global voice is needed to be heard reinforcing the position of cultural heritage as the heart and soul of all our societies, and also as a key pillar of any sustainable development strategies, and thus resisting the growing trend to cut the cultural and heritage sector adrift. This invitation invites you to contribute to this new global voice.

The Global Heritage Forum is intended to achieve the following practical outcomes:
•    facilitation of information exchange on heritage programmes and projects, so as to enable a better understanding of both the challenges an d opportunities of heritage protection, including the identification of “best practice”;
•    examination of the critical issues which are challenging the cultural heritage sector globally, with the intent of formulating strategies to redress and address common issues;

•    positioning the Forum as a global alliance, so as to create a strong “voice” capable of being strategically heard by global leaders, funders and policy setters across the world.

The “low-key” profile (consultative, informal) concept is recommended because it relieves the representatives from a long and burdensome process of acquiring detailed consent of the governing bodies of their organizations. As there would be no obliging conclusions but rather collegial demonstration of concerted functioning or action. The key objective is to establish, global, regular and effective meeting place of professional and civil sector public memory organisations as the start of wider developments in the future.

The Programme Global Heritage Forum 2013

Thursday, 19 September

10.00 - 11.00 Registration in the Theatre "Marin Držić"

11.00 - 13.00 Working session 1,  Rector's Palace

13.00 - 15.00 Lunch break or free guided tour of Dubrovnik City Walls (tour starts at 13.00)

15.00 - 17.00 Working session 2,  Rector's Palace

Friday, 20 Sept

18.30 - 19.30 Presentation of the Global Heritage Forum initiative, Theatre "Marin Držić"

The Best in Heritage Event