project of influence

awards winners 2015-2020

Our role is to capitalize on the work of many  professional juries by spreading the good news about projects that are exercising influence thus producing changes in the quality of heritage work. The motivated professional public and the moderators (who act as a jury) choose, at the end of each part of the programme “The project of influence” for the current year. We care to promote their example throughout the year, be it on our web site or at the fairs and conferences that we are invited to, and also by featuring these laureates as the Keynote speakers in the next edition of the event. 



#TBIH2020 Project of Influence  - Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Finland.  
PHOTO: Harri Annala, Anna-Maria Soininvaara, Kari Lämsä, Laura Norris and rest of the Team

#TBIH2020 IMAGINES Project of Influence  - #NewSelfWales by State Library of New South Wales, Australia

PHOTO: Paula Bray, Luke Snarl and Kaho Cheung from the DXLab


TBIH2019 by Domagoj Rezic_487.jpg

“Project of Influence 2019” Award went to the LAMO Centre, from Ladakh, India  – presented by Monisha Ahmed

IMAGINES “Project of Influence 2019” Award went to the #Romanovs100 & #1917LIVE - presented by Ivor Crotty from RT


Winning presentations:

Keynote speeches:

the best in heritage 2020: Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Finland, presented by Harri Annala
IMAGINES 2020: #NewSelfWales by State Library of New South Wales, presented by Paula Bray
the best in heritage 2019: The LAMO Center, Ladakh, India, Presented by Monisha Ahmed
IMAGINES 2019: #Romanovs100 & #1917LIVE, presented by Ivor Crotty
the best in heritage 2018: TextielMuseum, Tilburg, Presented by Errol van de Werdt
IMAGINES 2018: Historic Royal Palaces "The Lost Palace", presented by Tim Powell
the best in heritage 2017Micropia, Presented by Jasper Buikx 
... more
IMAGINES project of influence 2017Provincie Limburg: Limburg 1914-1918,
Small Stories From the Great War, Presented by Sandro Claes & Dirk Bouve
... more
imagines project of influence 2016: DOMunder - Tinker Imagineers
Presented by Joost van der Spek 
... more
best in heritage project of influence 2016: Nuragic Sculptures of Monte Prama
Presented by Dr Roberto Nardi 
... more
best in heritage project of influence 2015: The Coen Case
Presented by Ad Geerdink 
... more