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Unmute Art Pietrasanta basilic – Arthemisia

Key Account Manager, Orpheo Group Italy

“Unmute Art” is the first Italian Sign Language video guide in which the artworks tell their own story. Real deaf actors, body painted like the famous subjects of Warhol's serigraphs, offer their own interpretations of the artist's artworks. You scan the serigraph with the video guide and image recognition, together with augmented reality, bring the artwork to life.
This revolutionary project has been created in partnership with the Italian National Deaf Agency and in collaboration with Warhol’s exhibition producer, Arthemisia.

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Loredana Amenta

Loredana Amenta is Key Account Manager for Orpheo Group Italy, a multinational company specialising in technologies for cultural assets. She is responsible for public and corporate relations and handles the most important national clients in the world of culture and art. She manages national and European public financing projects and all works involving a high level of technological innovation. She is the company’s contact person for museum accessibility and for the internationalisation of exhibitions.

MUSEWEB Best of the GLAMi Awards 2020

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I’m text. To update me, go to the Data Manager.

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