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25 september 2019

Smithsonian Learning Lab

Websites – Education 2019 Webby Award Winner

Since early 2017 National Museums Scotland have been trialling the use of contactless payment technology in the museum space to create new ways for our visitors to donate. These trials have included an interactive kiosk embedded in an exhibition, contactless payments supporting a major fundraising campaign and stand-alone terminals in the main entrance as alternatives to traditional coin box donations. Experiments are continuing as the organisation seeks to bring contactless technology into the everyday visitor experience across the museum.

Museum of London Archaeological Archive: #ArchiveLottery

Museums + Heritage Innovation Award 2018

#ArchiveLottery is an interactive public engagement activity which uses social media and digital technology to create an unpredictable and unique moment of discovery. Participants choose a number, equating to a shelf location within our store. Staff then pick an object at random from that shelf and engage the player with it. Versions have included the use of Twitter, Skype and live broadcasts over Periscope. #Archivelottery is a simple and effective way to open up museum collections winning the Innovation Award at the Museum & Heritage Show 2018 and inspiring other versions across a number of UK institutions.

Shanghai History Museum: Again Here Rings the Bell and Shanghai History. Exhibition installation structure

AVICOM Grand Prix - Claude Nicole Hocqard prize of AVICOM 2018

The film mainly focuses on the Shanghai History Museum/Shanghai Revolution Museum as a local history museum that comprehensively collects, protects, researches and displays Shanghai's urban culture. Shanghai History Museum/Shanghai Revolution Museum not only bears the heavy responsibility of being an urban history witness, but also develops and applies new media and visual technologies. Through the wise perception method of “bringing cultural relics back to life”, and by setting interactive experience exhibitions to enhance communication and interaction between museum and the public, the museum is telling the story of Shanghai's urban development.

Museum of J. A. Comenius: The Embroidery Craft

AVICOM Prize Web Site Gold 2018

The ‘Embroidery Craft’ website is part of the eponymous project focused on preserving the intangible cultural heritage of the district of Uherský Brod. The website contains a number of detailed tutorials (animations, videos, photographs, drawings, and descriptions) and is being expanded to become a well of knowledge for those who wish to uphold this tradition. The project also includes an exhibition and a book (containing a number of pictures of costume parts and craft instructions), as well as workshops where one can consult the museum conservator and folk artisans.

Roman Heritage: PO.RO.S – Museu Portugal Romano em Sicó

Heritage in Motion Best Achievement Award 2018

At PO.RO.S you can discover the history of a remarkable civilization. Commissioned by the municipality of Condeixa-a-Nova, the Glorybox and M&A Digital teams started to design, in 2016, an innovative space that does more than telling history. The goal was to create a museum where it’s possible to experience ancient lifestyles. The concept of “learning through experience” was the basis for the creation of beautiful multimedia applications that stimulate the senses and provide an unparalleled experience. Since its opening, on May 6, 2017, the museum has astonished visitors, the press and cultural organizations.

National Museum of the American Indian: Americans

IDCA Best Website Award 2018

The Americans website launched with the opening of the Americans exhibition at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. Americans uncovers the many ways American Indian images, names, and stories have been part of the nation’s history, identity, and pop culture since before the country began. The Americans website encourages users to engage with the complicated relationship Americans have with American Indians, and illustrates that these images, words, and stories are a powerful way to understand a country forever fascinated and conflicted by its relationship with American Indians. 

Hungarian National Museum: GuideNow - Extended Multimedia Guide System

AVICOM Prize Mobile Application Gold 2018

GuideNow is a dynamically expandable, easy-to-use, complex multimedia guide system. Visitors can quickly and simply access exhibition contents via their own smart device. They no longer have to queue and adapt to old-fashioned audio guides. Our interactive multimedia guide offers them a more comfortable and personal experience, as they can visit exhibitions at their own pace and interest. Multimedia content may contain text, sound, image, animation, video and 3D models. In 2018 GuideNow won a gold medal in mobile application category at the AVICOM F@IMP 2.0 festival in Germany.

Cultlab3d: Automated Scanning Technology For 3d Digitisation

EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award 2018 - Research

CultLab3D is an extendable, multi-modular scanning facility using the next generation of autonomous and compliant robots as well as optical scanning technologies. The system consists of two scanning units (CultArc3D, CultArm3D) connected by a tray conveyor system. The entire acquisition process for geometry and texture of an object takes less than ten minutes on average, at a resolution in the sub-millimeter range. CultLab3D is designed for fully automatic high-precision 3D acquisition of objects at high throughput, covering numerous needs both in the cultural heritage and industrial domains.

#Romanovs100 & #1917LIVE

Shorty Award for Best in Education 2018

We live in an intense and noisy world that we mostly perceive through gadgets & social media. Our brains are now accustomed to consuming information through what we know as the newsfeed. Younger generations already have this timeline mentality from early childhood. Our challenge is to identify how innovative educational projects could resonate with this model of thinking. Presenting #1917LIVE & #Romanovs100: social media storytelling projects which help young people engage with history and become active participants in digital storytelling through Q&As, polls, contests, VR experiences, community hashtags. It shows that learning history can be immersive, engaging and even entertaining

National Museum of Australia: Songlines: tracking the Seven Sisters Interactive

MAPDA 2018 Award for Program Website / Level B

Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters exhibition showcases the unique cultural heritage of Australia (claimed to be the oldest continuous culture in the world), in a contemporary light, telling ancient stories in an immersive and engaging way. The exhibition experience is the likes of which you and your audiences have never encountered before and this is why it was awarded the Most Outstanding Exhibition at the Museums and Galleries National Awards in 2018, and won best program website at the Museums Australasia Multimedia & Publication Design Awards.

Virtual Museum of Fine Arts

Heritage in Motion Award for Best App 2018

The museum quarter on Volkhonka street will become one of the largest museum spaces in Europe and hundreds of various specialists are involved in its creation. In any large project, communications play a key role. The process of designing a museum town and future exhibitions is going in virtual reality. It became transparent for all participants of the project: the museum staff, architects and officials from the Ministry of Culture.Future visitors see panoramas 360 created from this tool on their smartphones using branded Google Cardboard.

Chaney Goodman Schwerner Theater by Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

MUSE Video, Film, & Computer Animation Gold Award 2018

The Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner theater documents the 1964 murder of Freedom Summer volunteers James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner.  The volunteers were abducted and murdered while investigating the bombing of a church in Philadelphia, Mississippi. A forty-four day search ended after a tip led investigators to the three bodies buried in a dam in Neshoba County. The Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner Theater was designed by Hilferty and Associates, fabricated and installed by Exhibit Concepts, Inc. and the film was produced by Monadnock Media Group and narrated by broadcast journalist Howard Ballou.

Van Gogh Museum: Seeing with a Japanese Eye

Museums in Short Award 2018 / Exhibits

How can you explain to your museum audience, the fundamental impact Japanese prints had on the art of Vincent van Gogh? The exhibition video offered a visual explanation of the stylistic and compositional elements that the artist took from the Japanese woodcuts. After watching it, visitors were able to look at a painting by Van Gogh and recognise these elements, such as the flat colour planes or the dominant diagonals. The video acted as an eye opener, allowing everyone who was interested, to see Van Gogh’s art ‘with a Japanese eye’.

Royal Museums Greenwich: Space LIVES

Shorty Award for Best Cultural Institution 2018

Royal Museums Greenwich (RMG) is a UK top-10 visitor attraction and home to four iconic sites, including the Royal Observatory. In 2018, RMG launched a pioneering new series ‘Space LIVES’ with the aim of engaging audiences with space and astronomy. The series broadcast major astronomical events from the Observatory to audiences worldwide through Facebook Live. The project delivered exceptional results. Combining standout live-streams, expert commentary, user generated content, SEO strategy and press channels to drive awareness, it won ‘The Shorty’ social media award for Best Cultural Institution.

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26-27 september 2019

Culture Leap: Educational Programme, Helsinki, Finland

EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards 2018

The Culture Leap project aimed to increase the number of Cultural Education Plans in Finland. A Cultural Education Plan is a public programme for schools which ensures that all children and young people get a chance to experience cultural heritage. The elaborate project produced an online tool that enables municipalities to independently prepare a Cultural Education Plan based on local and regional heritage. The tool is freely available to public, and it exists in three languages (Finnish, Swedish and English). 

Museum of Tomorrow, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Best Soft Power Organisation Award 2018

The Museum of Tomorrow (MoT) is a museum of applied sciences that explores the opportunities and challenges that humanity will face in the coming decades from the perspectives of sustainability and coexistence. The MoT offers a narrative about how we can live and shape the next 50 years. A journey towards possible futures, from great questions, such as humanity has always been on. Guided by the ethical values of Sustainability and Coexistence, essential for our civilization, the Museum also seeks to promote innovation, disseminate the advances of science and publish the vital signs of the planet.

Gulag History State Museum, Moscow, Russia

Intermuseum Grand-prix 2018

The Gulag History State Museum belongs to the category of “museums of memory” and is dedicated to the history of the corrective forced labour camp system that was the instrument of state repressive policy in the Soviet Union from the 1930s to the 1950s. The Museum’s major mission is to preserve the historical past and re-think it in the name of the future. The Museum is intended to become a public platform for public presentation, studying and discussing the most relevant aspects of forced labour and political imprisonment.

SMAC Staatliches Museum fur Archaologie Chemnitz, Germany

European Museum Academy DASA Award 2018

The SMAC, opened in 2014, presents a permanent exhibition on the archaeology of what is now the territory of the Free State of Saxony, a German Bundesland. Featuring around 6.200 objects in an innovatively designed display, the exhibition shows how humans gradually transformed the natural environment into an agrarian settlement structure and eventually into the modern cultural landscape. The museum is housed in an icon of classical modernism, the former Schocken Department Store, designed by Erich Mendelsohn. With its exhibitions on the history of the building itself the museum fulfils its obligation to German-Jewish heritage.

Centre d’histoire Montréal: Explosion 67, Montréal, Canada

Canadian Museums Association Awards for Outstanding Achievement: Exhibitions UNDER $1M / Cultural Heritage

To mark the 50th anniversary of Expo 67, the Centre d’histoire de Montréal presented Explosion 67.Youth and Their World, a living portrait of this event through the impressions of the era's youth. Through their often humorous accounts, along with visual and sound archives from the late 1960s, this watershed period is recaptured in immersive sets and a lively multimedia environment. A visit to Explosion 67 is a passport to “Enter” the magical mystery of one of the world’s fair pavilions: an experience full of anticipation, emotions, and revelations!  

Museum of the Alka of Sinj, Sinj, Croatia

EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award 2018

The Museum of the Alka of Sinj is one of the most state-of-the-art museums in Croatia. Its permanent exhibition meets the highest museum standards, both when it comes to presentation and technology. The guiding idea of the Museum is to bring the indelible experience of the Alka of Sinj closer to all visitors, and to familiarise them with this truly exceptional custom – one whose value has also been recognised by UNESCO, who included it in its Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010.

Estonian National Museum. Tartu, Estonia

European Museum Forum's Kenneth Hudson Award 2018

In October 2016, the new building of the Estonian National Museum (ENM) was opened in the Raadi area in Tartu. The reconstruction of the museum has given rise to vast urban changes in the area. Through the renewal process emerged the new complex cultural institution, with rich cultural programmes and exhibitions. In the ENM visibility has been given to the stories and artefacts of common people. The exhibition production brought together hundreds of people from different eras and backgrounds, with their life stories and worldviews.

LAMO Center, Ladakh, India

2018 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation / Award of Distinction

The Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation (LAMO) is a public charitable trust established to articulate an alternative vision for the arts and media in Ladakh. The organization set up the LAMO Centre in two 17th century historical houses in the Old Town of Leh, below the Palace. The houses were restored by LAMO, and converted to an arts space with exhibition galleries, offices, library, sound studio and open-air performance site. The Centre conducts outreach programs, research and documentation projects, workshops, art residencies, performances and exhibitions that showcase Ladakh’s material and visual culture, performing arts and literature.

Holland Open Air Museum and Kossmann de Jong: The Canon of Dutch History, The Netherlands

Museums + Heritage The International Award 2018