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AVICOM F@IMP 2021-2022 Grand Prize - Claude Nicole Hocqard Prize

Revivendo Memórias | Museu do Futebol

Started in 2019, when the Educational Center of the Football Museum received groups of elderly people with Alzheimer's, the Revivendo Memórias project was adapted to the virtual environment during the coronavirus pandemic. The project seeks to rescue affective memories and encourage interaction and sociability of participants based on themes present in the museum's exhibitions, bringing affection, welcoming and listening to this audience. The project was also expanded to serve elderly people without Alzheimer's, their caregivers and family members, as well as people with disabilities and in situations of social vulnerability.

Marcelo Continelli, Education Department Coordinator, Football Museum

Marcelo Continelli holds a Master's degree in Social History from the University of São Paulo and a bachelor degree in History from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. He has been a Coordination Assistant at the Football Museum since 2013, being responsible, along with the coordination, for managing the team, projects, goals and routine actions of the Education Center, and since February 2023 is the Education department coordinator. He is a former member of the Board of Directors of IDBrasil, a social organization responsible for managing both the Football and the Portuguese Language Museums.


APOLLO Digital Innovation of the Year Award 2022

Art UK | Sculpture

This project saw Art UK photograph and digitise over 50,000 of the UK’s significant collection of sculptures and public monuments, and has made them available to view and search online for the first time. This unique online resource showcases the rich history of public sculpture in the UK and how sculpture itself represents our history. It allows members of the public, historians and researchers from across the world to access this information for free, for pleasure and study. Users can search via location, artist or subject at

Katey Goodwin, Deputy Director, Art UK

Katey is Deputy Director and Head of Community Engagement at Art UK, the online home for every public art collection in the UK. Katey has worked in the museum sector for over 30 years, joining Art UK in 2005 as part of their project to catalogue all the UK’s publicly owned oil paintings. Most recently, Katey was the project manager for the major UK-wide sculpture project, which saw the digitisation of over 50,000 sculptures in collections and public spaces, and delivery of an extensive learning programme taking sculptures into schools.


AVICOM F@IMP 2021-2022 Creative and Interpretive Exhibition Installation Gold Award

Hungarian Open Air Museum's New Transylvanian Building Complex 

The newest exhibition unit of the Hungarian Open Air Museum marks a milestone in the history of the museum and also in the presentation of the built heritage of the Hungarians. The exhibitions will give visitors a glimpse into the growing urban development not only of Transylvanian villages but also of towns in Szeklerland. After the completion of Phase I in May 2022, it is envisaged that by 2025 the museum will have nearly 140 buildings representing Transylvania's diverse built, material, and spiritual heritage, as well as its social and ethnic composition.

Zsuzsanna Nagyné Batári, Head, Department for Science and Interpretation, Hungarian Open Air Museum

Zsuzsanna is an ethnographer and has so far carried out research in different topics: rural architecture, gastronomy, or way of life among others, and has been responsible for curating different types of exhibitions. She is interested in how information for visitors can be mediated in an open-air context: for adults, students, seniors, children and other segments of the audience the museum welcomes. Exhibition planning and the methods of interpreting tangible and intangible cultural heritage are important for her, together with finding new and innovative ways to mediate content creatively.


Museums Australia Multimedia & Publication Design Awards (MAPDA) 2022 - Digital Learning Experience

Maitland Regional Art Gallery | Create a Soft Sculpture

In 2022, Maitland Regional Art Gallery presented an exhibition and suite of programs titled, A
Conspicuous Object – The Maitland Hospital, which illuminated and shared stories from the 175-year history of the hospital on the eve of its closure. The Create a Soft Sculpture educational video was inspired by the sculptures of Susan O’Doherty, one of the ten artists in the exhibition. The video, aimed to engage young people, including children in hospitals, to create their own soft sculpture, using easy to source materials, presented in a friendly manner, with simple instructions.

Gerry Bobsien, Director, Maitland Regional Art Gallery

Dr Bobsien has worked across leadership and curatorial roles at the National Gallery of Australia, Newcastle Art Gallery, and the Lock-Up and provided urban art consultancy services for several organisations. She is a writer contributing to publications on a range of cultural topics from art to surfing and holds a PhD (English). Gerry has also worked in an industrial forge in Melbourne and Newcastle. She has written several books for young adults published by Walker Books Australia.


Museums in Short Award 2022

Božidar Jakac Art Museum | Vladimir Makuc, Man Who Loved Birds

The film Vladimir Makuc, Man Who Loved Birds was made and showcased as part of the retrospective exhibition of iconic painter and printmaker Vladimir Makuc (1925-2016), one of the most acclaimed modern artists from Slovenia. It captures selected motifs that appear in the artist's paintings, prints and ceramic objects, and revisits the places that he most commonly depicted in his works. The film is, in a way, a hypothetical display of a day in a life of the artist showcasing his visual universe in which landscapes and birds occupy a very special place.

Miha Colner, Curator, Galerija Božidar Jakac – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Miha is an art historian who works as a curator at Galerija Božidar Jakac – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Kostanjevica na Krki. He is also active as a university lecturer and publicist in the fields of visual arts and visual culture. He was a curator at MGLC – International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana (2017-2020), and Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography, Ljubljana (2006-2016). Since 2005, he has been contributing for newspapers, magazines, and professional publications, as well as publishing on his blog. He lives and works in Ljubljana and Kostanjevica na Krki.


Leading Culture Destinations / Best Digital Museum Experience Award 2022

Museum Of Tomorrow

The Museum of Tomorrow (MoT) is a museum of applied sciences that explores the opportunities and challenges that humanity will face in the coming decades from the perspectives of sustainability and coexistence. The MoT offers a narrative about how we can live in and shape the next 50 years and a journey towards possible futures. Guided by the ethical values of Sustainability and Coexistence, essential for our civilization, the Museum also seeks to promote innovation, disseminate the advances of science and publish the vital signs of the planet. 

Bruna Baffa, Executive Director, Museum of Tomorrow

Bruna Baffa’s challenge is to develop cultural spaces that inspire, connect and empower people to act towards building better futures – proudly working for this purpose at IDG [Instituto de Desenvolvimento e Gestão] as the Executive Director @Museu do Amanhã / Museum of Tomorrow, since 2022. Previously she worked at IDG as Creative & Knowledgment Director, developing works not only for Museum of Tomorrow, as also for Paço do Frevo, at Recife, and for Museu das Favelas / Favela Museum in São Paulo. Bruna is a strategist, market researcher and business consultant with more than 12 years of work experience.


Museums Australia Multimedia & Publication Design Awards (MAPDA) 2022 / Best in Show Digital

National Gallery of Australia

Increasing access to and engagement with collections and programs through digital transformation is one of the National Gallery’s principal objectives. In partnership with Studio Ongarato and the Interaction Consortium, the Gallery’s new website was completed and launched on December 7, 2021. Comprising hundreds of thousands of pages, the new website has generated growth in both time spent on the site, and number of pages viewed per session illustrating increased user engagement. The website is visited by millions of people each year, almost a quarter of whom live outside of Australia.

Heather Whitely Robertson, Tim Fairfax Assistant Director, the National Gallery

Heather is responsible for national learning and digital transformation strategy at NGA. Her impressive career has seen her leave her mark among internationally leading cultural institutions including the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Tate Modern, the Victoria and Albert Museum; Open House London and the NGV. Heather is a champion of disability inclusion and the value of art in achieving positive social impact and has been responsible for innovative education, community engagement and arts and health industry partnerships across the institutions she has worked.


International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works / Keck Award 2022

Game Jam | National Coordination for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage

Conservation of cultural heritage in Mexico is an activity little known by the general public, As of 2019, the National Coordination for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage (CNCPC) of INAH, in alliance with the Independent Collective Mermelada de Juegos, came together to disseminate heritage conservation and the specialized work of the conservator, through the game creation format "Mini Game Jam”, which has celebrated its third edition in 2021, generating 10 playable games, which highlight preventive conservation, restoration and prevention of illicit trafficking of archaeological, historical and  paleontological heritage.

Héctor Guerrero & Mercedes Villegas

"Mermelada de juegos" is a community of dialogue and experimentation of the gaming culture. We play, create games and promote independent games. Héctor Guerrero is manager and game developer, cofounder of Mermelada de juegos, and former manager of the Game Lab at the Center for Digital Culture. The National Coordination for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage (CNCPC-INAH) is responsible for preserving movable heritage through actions of conservation, education, community and institutional liaisons in order to promote a sustainable use and enjoyment of cultural heritage. Mercedes Villegas is senior conservator, head of the Directorate of Management and Liaison at CNCPC.


AVICOM F@IMP 2021-2022 Augmented and Virtual Reality Gold Award

National Ainu Museum Virtual Tour | National Ainu Museum

Founded in 2020, the National Ainu Museum is Japan's northernmost national museum and the first one dedicated to the indigenous Ainu people. Although the Covid-19 pandemic posed accessibility challenges, the museum refused to let it dampen our spirits. Museum launched a virtual museum project that seeks to captivate a global audience with awe-inspiring drone footage of the indigenous natural surroundings and a multilingual guide narrating the Ainu people's story by the passionate staff of the museum. Their goal is to create an all-inclusive space that transcends language, cultural barriers, and physical limitations, bringing people together and connecting them with Ainu nature.

Gaoli Liu, Research and Curatorial Fellow, National Ainu Museum

Gaoli grew up in the neighborhood of the National Museum of China. She has conducted cultural anthropological research in collaboration with the Lok Virsa Museum in Islamabad and National Museum of Ethnology in Osaka. Her fieldwork has taken her to a variety of countries including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Gaoli has created several ethnographic films that were screened in Serbia, Brazil, Portugal, and other countries. She also hosted a regional cultural program on an Urdu TV channel in Lahore. Currently, Gaoli is a research fellow at the National Ainu Museum of Japan.


Museums + Heritage / Best Use Of Digital – International 2022

DMW Creative / The Irish National Stud Company | Ireland Irish Racehorse Experience

Since the Irish began telling stories horses and horse racing have been at the heart of our culture. The enduring question has always been who has the fastest horse? The Irish Racehorse Experience, at the Irish National Stud in Co. Kildare, brings to life like never before the history of horse racing. Visitors take a journey through the rich history and heritage of the Irish thoroughbred sector, from the world’s very first steeplechase in Cork to today’s commercial success story where Ireland and the Irish diaspora continue to lead the world in breeding, training and racing. 

David Wardell & Peter Whittaker

From 2001 David Wardell ran an extremely successful independent tour guide company, personally accompanying guests throughout Ireland. In 2014 David  started managing  the Tourism department at the Irish National Stud, where he has built an extremely successful tourism team that showcases the Thoroughbred industry to hundreds of thousands of visitors  yearly. He has been involved in most areas of the bloodstock Industry for over thirty years. Peter Whittaker is the co-founder and creative director of DMW Creative, Ireland’s top visitor experience design agency. DMW is a collective of passionate, creative and enthusiastic storytellers who specialise in all aspects of visitor experience design. 


European Heritage Award / Europa Nostra Award 2022 - Education, Training and Skills


Symphony is an immersive audiovisual experience that takes spectators on a journey through emotions and music with the aim of bringing one of the most important European cultural heritages, classical music, to all audiences. It is a unique opportunity to experience the symphonic compositions of Beethoven, Mahler or Bernstein performed by the great conductor Gustavo Dudamel and the prestigious Mahler Chamber Orchestra as never before, by taking the position of a musician in the orchestra or traveling inside the instruments.

Ignasi Miro, Corporate Director, Culture and Science, “la Caixa” Foundation

Ignasi is a cultural manager with nearly 30 years of experience. Since 2007, he has been the director of the cultural and scientific division of “la Caixa” Foundation. He is responsible for programming for a network of nine cultural and science museums (known as CaixaForum and CosmoCaixa) that make a vital contribution to cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Palma, Zaragoza and Seville. He also gives impetus to a series of pop-up touring exhibitions and a number of highly regarded community art projects across Spain and Portugal.


AVICOM F@IMP Gold Award 2021-2022

The Palace Museum | Visiting the Palace Museum on the Cloud

“Visiting the Palace Museum on the Cloud” is a comprehensive omnimedia online service platform launched by the Palace Museum during the COVID-19 pandemic, including sections of collections, architectures, exhibitions, journals, guided tour videos and comics.The platform is structured within the framework of the museum’s official website and makes full use of various digital assets such as panoramic images and videos, available cross-platform on the mobile phone, desktop, and tablet.“Visiting the Palace Museum on the Cloud” brings together multiple online services, making the digital content of architectures, collections, exhibitions, publications, academic resources within reach. 

Zhuang Ying, Head, Data Management and Services Team, Digital and Information Department,  Palace Museum

Zhuang Ying currently serves as the Head of the Data Management and Services Team in the Digital and Information Department at the Palace Museum. She joined the Museum in 2008 and has since been primarily responsible for website editing, online content strategy, digital product planning, and data management and services. She has been closely following the best practices of digital transformation in museums.

Core Programme

core programme


Canadian Museums Association Awards 2022

Winnipeg Art Gallery | Qaumajuq, WINNIPEG, CANADA

Qaumajuq is an innovative new museum dedicated to Inuit art and culture, a home for the largest public collection of contemporary Inuit art in the world, right in the homeland of Inuit in Canada. This first-of-its-kind centre, connected to the Winnipeg Art Gallery on all levels, opened in 2021 and bridges North and South through exhibitions, research, education, and art making. Artists, Inuit, various partners, and community leaders collaborated to envision and build a vibrant gathering place where everyone’s stories are told and heard in the true spirit of reconciliation.

Stephen Borys, Director & CEO, Winnipeg Art Gallery and Qaumajuq

Dr Borys holds an Executive MBA, PhD in Art History from McGill University, MA from the University of Toronto, BA from the University of Winnipeg, and is an adjunct professor at the University of Winnipeg. He was previously chief curator at the Ringling Museum, Sarasota, Florida; curator at the Allen Art Museum, Oberlin College, Ohio; and assistant curator of European art at the National Gallery of Canada. He is a graduate of the Getty Center’s Museum Leadership Institute, and has served on the boards of the CMA, CAMDO, and AAMD.


European Museum Forum's Silletto Prize for Community Participation and Engagement 2022

Museum of Footwear and Industry, INCA, SPAIN

This is the story of the turnaround of the Museum of Footwear, inaugurated at a very critical moment, when many factories were being shut down and people resented it because they saw it as the graveyard of a struggling industry. The new management of the Museum has achieved to turn an old-fashioned institution into a people-centered one that has even won a prize, precisely because of community participation in its social redefinition, despite the lack of economic and human resources and the initial distrust of a now very proud town.

Aina Ferrero Horrach, Director, Museum of Footwear and Industry

Aina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and a research Master’s degree in Cultural Management. After gaining experience in several international museum institutions, since 2017 she has been working as the director of the Museum of Footwear and Industry (Inca), but also as a curator, communicator and professor of Museology (among other subjects) at the University of the Balearic Islands. She is also finishing her doctoral thesis on the transformation of museum institutions through community participation and visitor research from the standpoint of Social Museology.


2022 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation / Award of Excellence

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya Museum, MUMBAI, INDIA

Taking advantage of the centenary of the CSMVS museums in 2022 an ambitious plan was envisaged by the museum with help of CSR Funding from TCS Foundation. The works was planned to be done in phases keeping the highest standards especially as the site now came under a World Heritage Site ensemble. The Phase I : External façade repairs of both main and Extension/Annex building and attending to the terrace areas that were leaking and Phase II : was to repair and refurbish the interiors of both the building as much as possible including the main dome.

Ajay Kochle & Vikas Dilawari 

Ajay Kochle, Project in-charge, Building Restoration Project, CSMVS. Ajay is Assistant Director with CSMVS and has over 24 years of experience with responsibility of managing the museum’s financial, administrative and infrastructure project functions. He has a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities involved in historical buildings restoration projects. Vikas Dilawari is a practicing trained conservation architect with more than 3 decades of experience. He was instrumental with INTACH Mumbai chapter to list the CSMT station as a World Heritage Site in 2004.  A total of 18 of his projects have won UNESCO ASIA PACIFIC Awards for Cultural Preservation in SE Asia.


Museums + Heritage Awards / Sustainable Project Of The Year 2022

Discovering42 CIC | Reimagining Reality, BODMIN, UNITED KINGDOM

Reimagining Reality is a pilot exhibition by Discovering42. Working alongside other local artists to create a range of interactive artworks crafted from upcycled materials to spark curiosity in science and the circular economy. The exhibition opened in Bodmin, Cornwall from October 2021 and is still running due to an overwhelmingly positive response from visitors. Despite a small budget, it’s been able to create an impactful space for the community.

Natalia Jones & Roy Jones

Natalia and Roy Jones are the creative co-founders of Discovering42. Natalia studied psychology and environmental management and Roy had studied video production. Natalia’s research focused on the power of recycled art for behavior change inspired by her childhood in Zimbabawe. Previously they co-ran a successful video production company, working with national and international charities. When Covid hit, they were presented with an opportunity to reflect and reconnect with their values. This led them to bring their concept of Discovering42 to life.


European Heritage Award / Europa Nostra Award 2022 - Conservation and Adaptive Use

Atlungstad Distillery, OTTESTAD, NORWAY

Established in 1855 by local farmers, the Atlungstad Distillery was one of the first modern distilleries in Norway, based on European technology of producing alcohol from potatoes. It continued production up to 2008 and in 2011 a project was initiated to re-establish Atlungstad Distillery into an industrial heritage site. It still produces spirits today, but it is also a thriving destination with guided tours, concerts and theatre performances, as well as other public gatherings. The indoor venues and restaurant are also used extensively by local and regional organizations, businesses and the public at large. 

Andrea Jervidalo Jensen, CEO of Atlungstad Brenneri AS

After finishing her degree in marketing and leadership at the Innland Norway University, Andrea worked at the Office of Regional Development in the city of Hamar. Afterwards, she spent 8 years in one of Norway’s biggest Cultural Centers, Hamar House of Culture, before starting her journey as CEO at Atlungstad Brenneri in February 2022, combining cultural heritage with her experience with cultural activity and site development.


Children in Museums Award 2022

Kindermuseum Creaviva, BERN, SWITZERLAND

Children’s Museum Creaviva  is part of Centre Paul Klee in Bern, Switzerland. The starting point for the educational activities is the life and work of Paul Klee. He was not just a painter and musician, but also a very dedicated educator. Creaviva pursues the aim of giving young people access to art through their own creative work, is the national center for practical, playful and interactive art mediation. Due to certification as "Home of 21st Century Education", Creaviva values ​​co-creation processes, advocates for ​​diversity and employs people with disabilities.

Pia Lädrach, Katja Lang, Nadine Schneider

Pia Lädrach, Head of Children’s Museum Creaviva, is a postgraduate in cultural management. She has many years of professional experience in human resources development, in public administration, education, culture and arts. Katja Lang, Head of art studios and curator of interactive expositions, is a teacher of visual design, and has many years of experience as museum educator. Nadine Schneider, project manager for inclusion of people with disabilities, has a degree in special education. She is a founder and co-director of Tabula Musica - Centre of Competence for Accessible Music, and experienced in inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor market.


Chinese Museums Association / Most Innovative Museums in China Award 2022

Anhui Museum, HEFEI, CHINA

Anhui Museum, founded in 1956, is the only provincial comprehensive museum in Anhui Province, and ranks among the national first-class museums. It has a collection of more than 310,000 pieces of cultural relics, featuring bronze wares, stone carvings, Huizhou cultural relics and oil paintings by Pan Yulin, and eight basic exhibitions, with Huizhou Architecture, Four Treasures of the Study and Intelligent Experience Space being most popular. In recognition of its outstanding achievements in exhibiting regional culture and contributions to community development, it received numerous prizes over the years.

Lei Xiufo, Director, Anhui Museum

Lei Xiufo graduated from the Hefei University of Technology with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Design. He successively served as a Chief clerk of the Cultural Marketing Bureau and the Deputy Director of the Arts Division, Department of Culture and Tourism of Anhui Province, and was once seconded to the Office of the Leading Group of Major Cultural Performances, Ministry of Culture and Tourism. His main research areas are museum management, exhibition curating and design. He is devoted to building a more open, regional museum that encourages digital innovation and social participation


European Heritage Award / Europa Nostra Award 2022 - Research

Safeguarding of Sicilian Puppet Theatre, PALERMO, ITALY

The Plan of Measures for the Safeguarding of the Sicilian Opera dei Pupi is a participatory research project that was implemented by the Association for the Safeguarding of Popular Traditions (Italy), in 2019-20, in its capacity as referent organization of the Opera dei pupi network. Drawing on the recommendations of the Italian Ministry of Culture-UNESCO Office, it identifies proper safeguarding measures of the Opera dei pupi and organizes them into a coherent plan, so as to ensure a successful system of actions within a participating, multi-level and sustainable governance.

Rosario Perricone & Monica Campo

Rosario Perricone is responsible for the Opera dei pupi safeguarding Plan. Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Art Anthropology, Museology and management of exhibition systems at the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo; scientific coordinator of the Association for the Safeguarding of Popular Traditions, director of the A.Pasqualino Puppet Museum, the I.Buttitta Foundation and the Museo Pasqualino Publisher. Monica Campo, as the Association’s secretary and editorial officer, coordinated the editorial board of the Plan of safeguarding measures of the Opera dei pupi and is involved in all activities for the Association’s internationalization.


Art Fund Prize / Museum of the Year 2022

Horniman Museum and Gardens, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

The Horniman Museum and Gardens was opened in 1901 by tea trader and philanthropist Frederick John Horniman, to ‘bring the world to Forest Hill’. Today the Horniman’s collection has 350,000 objects and specimens from around the world, highlighted in galleries dedicated to natural history, anthropology, music and an acclaimed aquarium. Indoor exhibits link to the award-winning display gardens set among 16 acres of beautiful, green space offering spectacular views across London. The Horniman Museum and Gardens won Art Fund Museum of the Year 2022, the world’s largest museum prize.

Nick Merriman, CEO and Director, Content, Horniman Museum and Gardens

Dr Merriman has been the Chief Executive and Director of Content of the Horniman Museum and Gardens since May 2018. His career has spanned Museum of London, University College London (as Director of Museums and Collections, and Reader in Museum Studies) and Manchester Museum (Director). Nick is an Honorary Professor at UCL and in May 2021 was appointed as the new Chair of the Designation Scheme Panel of Arts Council England. He also chairs the environment and ecology subgroup of the National Museum Directors’ Council. 


Japanese Association of Museums Award 2022

Ohara Museum of Art, KURASHIKI, JAPAN

In 1930, the Ohara Museum of Art was established in Kurashiki by entrepreneur Ohara Magosaburo. It was the first private museum in Japan with a permanent exhibition focusing on the artworks of Western artists, which Japanese painter Kojima Torajiro had collected around 1920 in the international scene “for all Japanese people”, with Ohara's support. Based on its historical roots, the museum has been investing a lot of resources into development of Japanese contemporary artists’ creations, and art education for the

Akane Ohara , Chair, Ohara Museum of Art

Akane was born in 1967 as a daughter of the Ohara family. After graduating Hitotsubashi University (B.A. in Faculty of Economics), she studied International Political Economics in Aoyama Gakuin University (M.A.). In 2016, she took over the Chair of the Ohara Museum of Art. She also became the Supervisor of Okayama University in 2020, and Vice President of Kurashiki Chamber of Commerce and Industry 2022, which supports organizations especially relating education, culture and art.


European Museum Academy's DASA Award 2022

Hans Christian Andersen House, ODENSE, DENMARK

The new Hans Christian Andersen House opened in June 2021. It has a multifaceted educational program called “The Universe of Learning”. Hans Christian Andersen's stories and methods are cultural heritage and children are the ones who will inherit them. Therefore, in the Universe of learning, we insist on letting the children and students become active co-creators in defining the meaning and importance of the writer and his legacy.

Mette Kiilerich, Main Developer, “The Universe of Learning”

Mette is educated in language pathology at the University of Southern Denmark and later in Culture and Communication. She combines knowledge and experience within didactics, psycholinguistics, and communication theory with children’s culture and mediation theory. Her goal is to create museum experiences that give children a strengthened understanding of their own cultural and communicational worth and community awareness. She is the main developer of “The Universe of Learning” in the Hans Christian Andersen House and is now Head of Children and Learning in Museum Odense.


2022 Museums and Galleries National Awards (MAGNA) / National Winner 2022 MAGNA

Unsettled | Australian Museum, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA

Unsettled illuminates the power of truth-telling to realise change. Informed by an extensive community consultation process involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from across the country, the exhibition is an example of a self-determining model of First Nations-led curatorial practice and defined by its prioritisation of First Nations voices during every stage of the project. With eight thematic sections following a chronological, linear structure, it presents a rigorously researched, nuanced narrative with over 190 objects, images and digital displays held in the Australian Museum’s new 1,000sqm basement touring hall space.

Laura McBride & Mariko Smith

Laura McBride (Wailwan, Kooma) and Dr Mariko Smith (Yuin, Japanese) curated the Australian Museum’s (AM) multiple award-winning Unsettled exhibition. As the lead curator and assistant curator respectively, they undertook curatorial practice based on principles of First Nations self-determination and rigorous scholarly research. At the AM, Laura is Director, First Nations. Her qualifications are: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Australian Indigenous Studies (University of Sydney), and Master of Aboriginal Education (University of Technology, Sydney). Mariko is Manager, First Nations Collections & Engagement. Her qualifications are: Bachelor of Arts/Law, Master of Museum Studies, and Doctor of Philosophy (University of Sydney).


European Heritage Award / Europa Nostra Award 2022 - Citizens’ Engagement and Awareness-raising

Museum in the Village, PORTUGAL

Museum in the Village is a celebration of art and collaborative work, designed especially for senior citizens who live in rural areas. A network of 13 museums and 13 villages from 26 counties bring together museum professionals, artists, communities, and local authorities to experience and revive local heritage. Each community welcomes a museum piece and embarks on a journey of collective creation through which they bring new artwork to life, in the heart of the village. The outcome is 13 stunning temporary exhibitions that strengthen bonds between communities and museums.

Paulo Lameiro, Vânia Carvalho, Gabriela da Rocha

Paulo Lameiro is a musicologist from Leiria, Portugal. He has been developing social and artistic projects since 1992, such as Opera in Prison, Cradle of Arts and Concerts for Babies. Vânia Carvalho is an archeologist and coordinator of the Museu de Leiria (TBIH2018), Portugal. She works to promote museums as real participatory spaces that listen and amplify the voices of diverse communities. Gabriela da Rocha is a Brazilian-Portuguese museologist at the Museum in the Village project, promoted by SAMP. She sees museums as agents of social changes, offering diverse and creative opportunities.


Chinese Museums Association / Most Innovative Museums in China Award 2022

Panlong City Site Museum, WUHAN, CHINA

Panlongcheng Site Museum is committed to the mutual integration of site conservation work and exhibition work. Through professional academic research, it has innovatively adopted new materials and techniques to protect and restore the site, making it itself one of the museum's most exquisite exhibits. The museum has also formed a young curatorial team to merge the results of site conservation and restoration as the main exhibition, thereby introducing an innovative model for planning exhibitions in China's heritage museums, and winning the title of “China's Top Ten Outstanding Exhibition Excellence” for 2019.

Wan Lin, Director, Panlongcheng Site Museum

Wan Lin presided over the listing of Panlongcheng National Archaeological Site Park, the construction of Panlongcheng Site Museum and its basic exhibition. She led the team to adopt new materials and techniques to successfully protect and display the core area of the site which was awarded the most innovative museum in the country, and Wan Lin won the honor of "Advanced Worker of National Cultural Relics System".


Family Friendly Museum Awards 2022 / Best Accessible Museum


Experience Barnsley visitors can uncover the incredible story of Barnsley, told through centuries-old artefacts, documents, films and recordings donated by people living and working in the Borough. Winner of Best Accessible Museum 2022, it is a museum by the people, for the people and about the people. The museum has a programme of temporary exhibitions relating to Barnsley’s past and present, and a range of activities and events throughout the year including family activities, school workshops, sessions for community groups, and more – all delivered by our passionate staff and volunteers.

Ally Beckett, Formal Learning and Access Officer, Barnsley Museums

Ally has over ten years' experience working in museums and heritage settings, delivering learning programmes to schools and visitors. She is passionate about access and inclusion and is Barnsley Museums Accessibility Champion, seeking ways to make our spaces, places and programmes more accessible and inclusive for all. This work, and the hard work of the team at Barnsley Museums, culminated in Experience Barnsley winning the Best Accessible Museum Award at the Kids in Museums Family Friendly Awards 2022.


2022 UNESCO/Jikji Memory of the World Prize

American University in Cairo | Libraries and Learning Technologies, Rare Books and Special Collection Library, CAIRO, EGYPT

In fulfilling the mission of the AUC libraries, the Rare Books and Special Collections Library (RBSCL) supports research and teaching by collecting, preserving, and disseminating primary sources about ancient, medieval, and modern Egypt and the wider region. Collections focus on Egyptology and Coptic studies, Islamic Art and Architecture, and travel literature. The RBSCL houses a Digitization Center, which provides high-quality digitization services for library collection materials across a wide variety of formats and contributes to major international digital initiatives, and a Conservation Laboratory, responsible for the conservation treatment and preservation of collections.

Walaa Tamraz & Irina Schmid

Walaa Tamraz is a Research Services Officer at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, managing traditional and digital library services provided to the AUC community. Walaa has more than 15 years of experience in handling aspects of reference and research services, researchers’ use of materials, planning and constructing exhibits, museum curating, and VIP tours. Irina Schmid is an Instructor and Digital Collections Archivist at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. Irina provides the necessary care for the growing segment of the AUC’s digital assets, being in charge of the preservation, curation, maintenance, and delivery of digital data.


Museums + Heritage Awards / Temporary or Touring Exhibition of the Year 2022

Museum of Homelessness | Secret Museum, LONDONUNITED KINGDOM

Secret Museum was a project that told a different kind of story about homelessness and the pandemic. Taking place in tunnels beneath Waterloo Station and across the streets, Secret Museum blended invisible and verbatim theatre, direct action on the streets, a memorial and grief space, traditional exhibition strategies and audience participation in one 90-minute experience. The organisers invited audiences to follow hidden clues in the city’s fabric, find the museum and share its raw but beautiful world.

Matt Turtle & Jessica Turtle

Matt and Jess are the co-founders and Directors of the UK’s first Museum of Homelessness, an award-winning new museum led by people with experience of homelessness. Between them they have more than 30 years’ experience working in cultural settings spanning cultural production, activism and grassroots organising. They are visiting tutors at Kings College London and have co-authored several publications and book chapters on the arts, trauma, representation and power. They have most recently been published by Routledge (2020) and Oxford University Press (2021)


Museums Association UK / Reimagining the Museum Award 2022

The Hunterian, University of Glasgow | Curating Discomfort, GLASGOW, UNITED KINGDOM

The Curating Discomfort project at The Hunterian, University of Glasgow, was devised to challenge historical power dynamics and, through ‘uncomfortable’ processes, to empower new forms of collaboration between community groups, museum professionals and academics, seeking to remove white supremacy as an economic and cultural basis through which white western ideas have exercised cultural superiority through control of knowledge, text, and institutional resources. 

Zandra Yeaman & Steph Scholten

Zandra Yeaman is the Curator of Discomfort at The Hunterian, University of Glasgow, since 2021. Her background is in anti-racist activism in Scotland, working for social justice and equality. Before coming to The Hunterian, she worked at the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights. Steph Scholten is the Dutch director of The Hunterian since 2017. He is an art historian and has worked in the culture sector in The Netherlands since 1989 in a variety of (management) roles. He has a keen interest in museum ethics. In September 2022, he was elected as a member of ICOM’s Executive Board.


The Council of Europe Museum Prize 2022

Nano Nagle Place, CORK, IRELAND

Nano Nagle Place is a site of living heritage. Its 3.5 acre site includes a museum dedicated to telling the inspirational story of Nano Nagle; sensitively restored architecture from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries; beautiful walled gardens; the grave of Nano Nagle; Good Day Deli café; a design and book shop; an archive for the Presentation Sisters. The Lantern Project and Cork Migrant Centre, community education projects, also call Nano Nagle Place home and take inspiration from her vision of social justice and make it relevant in the 21st Century. 

John Smith, CEO, Nano Nagle Place

John Smith is the CEO of South Presentation Centre CLG, Nano Nagle Place. Previous to joining the team at Nano Nagle Place John worked in the International Development Sector, most recently as Director of Public Engagement, and a member of the Executive Leadership team of Trócaire, in Ireland. John is a seasoned leader with extensive experience across community development, development education, advocacy and traditional and digital communications. John has a passion for deep engagement on social and global justice topics, leading to inspired action and systemic change.


European Museum of The Year 2022


The new Museum of the Mind | Dolhuys invites you on a voyage of discovery into the mystery of the mind. The museum uses personal stories, science and life questions to help visitors discover more about their own minds, and that of other people. Haarlem’s centuries-old former leprosarium, plague hospice and madhouse forms a striking backdrop, with the original 16th-century isolation cell remaining an absolute historical highlight. Visitors find out more about how they judge others, as all of us have the urge to pigeon-hole the human mind. How curious are we about others? And will you sign the Universal Declaration of the Open Mind?

Hans Looijen, Director, Museum of the Mind

Hans studied Museology (both in Amsterdam and Oaxaca, Mexico). He is the CEO of
Foundation Dolhuys and responsible for the Museum of the Mind. He also holds other cultural posts among which: Chair to the Willem van Genk Foundation, Chair of Anton Heijboer Foundation, advisor to the OutsiderArtGallery (Amsterdam) and Fantastikee Art Ateliers (Maastricht). In 2016 he founded the second location of Museum of the Mind on Outsider Art at the Hermitage Amsterdam.


International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art - CIMAM / Outstanding Museum Practices Award 2022

Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes "Rosa Galisteo de Rodriguez", SANTA FE, ARGENTINA

A public museum, dependent on the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the province of Santa Fe, it has a collection considered by critics and researchers as one of the most important in Argentina. Carried out by an interdisciplinary team, the pedagogical approach cuts across all areas of the museological plan, activating the space and the local heritage in connection with the region and the community, promoting social and intergenerational exchange. By creating new meanings and readings of its collection, the Museum generates strategies to reimagine itself, enabling access to novel and unconventional experiences.

Analía Solomonoff, Director, Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes "Rosa Galisteo de Rodriguez"

Since 2016, serving as director of Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes “Rosa Galisteo de Rodríguez” (Provincial Fine Arts Museum) in Santa Fe, Argentina, under her leadership the Museum won the Ibermuseos Educational Award (Honorable Mention, “Museo Tomado”) and the Konex Visual Arts Award and was recognized by the International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art (CiMAM) for “Outstanding Museum Practices”. She was selected to serve as jury member for the open call for the project that represented Argentina in the 59th Venice Biennale.


Museums + Heritage Awards / Community Engagement Programme of the Year 2022

York Archaeological Trust | Archaeology on Prescription, YORK, UNITED KINGDOM

Archaeology on Prescription is a social prescribing project that seeks to engage City of York residents in archaeological activity to improve their health and well-being, foster new social connections and improve self-esteem and confidence through the gaining of new skills and knowledge. The project caters for participants experiencing low to medium mental health needs (including depression, anxiety, stress, and low mood), disability, long-term chronic conditions and loneliness who feel that taking part in archaeology will help to improve their wellbeing. Accessibility and empowerment are at the heart of the experience.

Ian Milsted, Head, Community Engagement, York Archaeological Trust

Ian comes from Orkney, an archipelago off the northern coast of Scotland well-known for its world-class prehistoric and Viking heritage. Ian studied History at Sussex University and completed the MA in Field Archaeology at York University in 2003. Ian joined York Archaeological Trust as a junior field archaeologist, eventually becoming Regional Manager in 2017 having directed commercial fieldwork projects in a wide range of settings, including York Minster cathedral. From March 2022 Ian has been Head of Community Engagement, which includes oversight of Archaeology on Prescription.


European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards 2022 - Conservation and Adaptive Reuse

Monument of Episkopi, SIKINOS, GREECE

The monument of Episkopi on the island of Sikinos is an architectural testimony of the transition from a Roman-era mausoleum to a Byzantine-era Christian church. Affected by destructive earthquakes and human interventions throughout the centuries, the monument has been restored by the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades. The implementation of the project of reinforcement and restoration managed to preserve the monument’s authenticity, limiting the impact of interventions to the minimum. Episkopi is bestowed upon the Sikinians as a material expression of their diachronic identity, as well as a valuable resource for the sustainable development of the island.

Demetris Athanasoulis, Maria Konioti & Eleni Georgouli

Demetris Athanasoulis (Ph.D), Director of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades (Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports), is the Head of new museum projects and exhibitions, archaeological field research, restoration programs and projects of enhancement of archaeological sites in the Cycladic islands. He has directed both establishment of new museums and restoration works on medieval churches and castles in the Peloponnese. Maria Konioti, archaeologist and Eleni Georgouli, architect engineer, both acquired Master degrees in the Protection of Monuments – Conservation and Restoration of Historic Buildings and Sites, and work in the Ministry of Culture, since 2000 and 2008 respectively. 


European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards 2022 - Citizens’ Engagement and Awareness-raising

PAX-Patios de la Axerquía, CORDOBA, SPAIN

PAX-Patios de la Axerquía is an innovative system of governance of heritage buildings that fosters a new model of urban regeneration through social innovation in a heritage context. The rehabilitation of the abandoned patio-houses or “casa de vecinos” in Córdoba, Spain, aims to restore the environmental value of the Mediterranean city and to upgrade its historical characteristics in a contemporary way, together with the local community. The cooperative model aims to offer a more sustainable solution in response to the real estate bubble in Córdoba, the depopulation of the city centre, as well as unsustainable tourism in the city.

Gaia Redaelli, Architect

Architect & PhD in Architectural and Urban Design at Polytechnic of Milano, where she is Adjuct professor and Associate professor in University of Sevilla. She participates in international seminars, conferences and published many articles and books about architecture, rehabilitation, public space & landscape. General Director of Building and Urban Renewal and Architecture of the Regional Government in Andalusia (2012-15) and Director of Contemporary Architectural Foundation (2003-12). In 2018 co-founder of PAX, that collaborates with WMF since 2020, won the European Heritage Award/Europa Nostra Award 2022 and best practise Cultural Heritage in Actions by Euricities in 2023.


European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards 2022 - Conservation and Adaptive Reuse

House of Religious Freedom, CLUJ-NAPOCAROMANIA

The building once hosting the Unitarian episcopal residence is one of the most significant townhouses preserving Gothic details in Cluj-Napoca, which was enlarged and transformed several times throughout the centuries. The almost decade-long period of conservation indicates the complexity of the process, the intricacy of the arising professional challenges, and the difficulties related to financing. In 2018, a new public building, the House of Religious Freedom was opened in Cluj-Napoca. Besides displaying its own architectural values, the House promotes and disseminates the material and spiritual heritage of the Unitarian Church, and ensures an attractive location for diverse cultural and public events.

Árpád Furu & Xenia Furu

Árpád Furu works as historic building preservationists since 1993, being involved in the restoration projects of several buildings and sites. One of his most important achievements was the coordination of the Rimetea Heritage Conservation Project awarded with Europa Nostra Medal in 1999. Since 2012 he is the heritage consultant of the Hungarian Unitarian Church. Xenia Furu has been active in several restoration projects among which the restoration of the Banffy Castle in Bontida, and the Rimetea Heritage Conservation Project. One of the most important projects she led was the restoration of House of Religious Freedom. Since 2009 she is the architectural consultant of the Hungarian Unitarian Church.


European Museum Academy / Art Museum Award 2022

The Lewis Glucksman Gallery, CORK, IRELAND

The Lewis Glucksman Gallery, opened in 2004, provides an important link for the University College Cork with the wider public as a place of creative connections between people and disciplines. The collection is based on modern and contemporary Irish art. The museum places sustainability and inclusion at the center of their policy and activities, which is also reflected by the award- winning building, designed by O’Donnell + Tuomey architects. The Glucksman team has developed digital programmes and carried out large-scale projects on-site in the gallery spaces, as well as off-site in public spaces.

Fiona Kearney, Director, The Glucksman, University College Cork

As the founding Director of the Glucksman Fiona has curated numerous exhibitions of Irish and international art, with a particular emphasis on how contemporary art practice relates to research directions within academic discourse. Fiona was appointed Professor adjunct to the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences in 2018. She has published widely on visual art and photography and has contributed articles and reviews to Source, Circa, and the Irish Arts Review. She is an assessor on the Museum Standards Programme of Ireland, and a board member of the Irish Architecture Foundation, VISUAL, Carlow, Cork Midsummer Festival and Cork Chamber. 

more information coming soon...


2023 keynote 


The Best in Heritage 2022 "Project of Influence"

Beirut Assist Cultural HeritageBEIRUT, LEBANON

BACH, Beirut Assist Cultural Heritage was initiated and led by the Ministry of Culture - Directorate General of Antiquities, and was managed by a team of 40 Heritage experts, the BBHR2020 volunteers, alumni of the Center of Restoration and Conservation at the Lebanese university. Assisted by 200 architects and architecture students, BACH was first supported by the Beirut UNESCO office, ICCROM-Sharjah, ICOMOS Lebanon, and the APSAD. The initiative gradually partnered with local and international NGOs, initiatives, and cultural institutions and was supported by international funds from various countries and parties.


Representative of BACH in The Best in Heritage 2023 "Project of Influence" Jury

Nathalie Chahine

Nathalie is a conservation architect and has been involved in leading and participating in the rehabilitation of heritage sites and monuments since 2003. She took part in research projects in old cities with the German Orient Institute and has been working with the German Archaeological Institute to train Syrian and Lebanese architects and craftsmen on the techniques of restoration. Member of the initiative of Beirut Built Heritage Rescue – BACH project to save damaged heritage following the August explosion. She co-wrote manuals on the rehabilitation of Beirut's houses and the lime techniques.


2023 interviewers / members of jury



Programme Manager, World Monuments Fund, UNITED STATES

Hunghsi Chao

Having worked in a cultural heritage conservation agency, institute, organization and management for two decades, Hunghsi joined the WMF in New York City in 2013. He has participated in numerous conservation and advocacy projects in Türkiye, India, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea, Nepal, Bhutan, China and other countries in East Asia. His projects received international recognition multiple times, including UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation among others. He earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in Building and Planning from Taiwan University and received M.S. in Historic Preservation from Pratt Institute in New York.


London Area Director, Arts Council England, UNITED KINGDOM

Tonya Nelson

Tonya was recently appointed Executive Director, Enterprise and Innovation, Arts Council England. Tonya began her journey at the Arts Council as its first Director of Arts Technology and Innovation, before taking up the position as London Area Director. She co-authored the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) policy report Culture is Digital. She sits on the Board of Trustees of the National Gallery and Royal Collection Trust.  She was formerly Chair of the International Council of Museums (UK) and Director of Museums and Cultural Programmes at University College London. She started her career as a management consultant and lawyer.


Head, Visitor Experience, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, UNITED STATES

Sara DeYoung

Sara was previously at Brooklyn Museum for 11 years where she has served as Director of Visitor Experience and Engagement, Director of Digital Engagement, and Manager of Audience Engagement & Interpretive Materials. She has a wealth of expertise in both museum operations and engagement, leading initiatives to engage audiences both onsite and online. Her previous employment includes Hilferty Museum Planning, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello, and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Sara is also a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Pratt Institute where she teaches graduate courses on Theory and Practice in Museums and Digital Culture as well as Audience Research and Evaluation. 


Lead, Collections management operations, Galt Museum & Archives, CANADA

Kevin MacLean

Kevin has led the collections management operations of the Galt Museum & Archives in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada since 1997. MacLean explains that his decades-long continuity at the Galt is what enabled the gradual evolution in object research practices, beginning in 2007. He has spoken both regionally and nationally on the importance of recording and transcribing donor interviews. MacLean and his team received the 2021 Excellence in Stewardship of Collections award from the Canadian Museums Association. He has a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Lethbridge.



CEO, Surface Impression, CANADA

Peter Pavement

Surface Impression digital agency specializes in work for the cultural sector – and in particular, museums. Since founding the company in Brighton, UK, over 22 years ago, Peter has had the privilege to work with a wide range of amazing museums of all shapes and sizes, developing hundreds of projects with fantastic people from tiny, volunteer-run outfits through to huge national institutions across three continents. Along the way, he gained a museum studies doctorate, presented at multitudes of sector conferences, relocated to Toronto, Canada, and has led several skills development programmes, helping museum professionals to boost their confidence with digital media and technologies of all kinds. 


Founder, Director, Executive Producer, Walking Cinema, UNITED STATES

Michael Epstein

Michael is a screenwriter, transmedia director, and expert in place-based storytelling. He has a M.S. degree in Comparative Media Studies from M.I.T. where he specialized in developing multi-platform documentary films. In 2006, Michael founded Walking Cinema. The company has developed cross-platform apps for MTV, PBS, the Venice Biennale, Audible and many museum and broadcast clients. He's also an Adjunct Professor at the California College of Art, teaching studio courses in landscape history and interactive media production. In 2019, Michael was selected as a Reynolds Journalism Institute fellow at the University of Missouri.


World Heritage Manager, Casa Batlló

Amilcar Vargas

Amilcar's main task at Casa Batlló is the implementation of the World Heritage Convention, raising awareness of its Outstanding Universal Value, pursuing the potential opportunities of Casa Batlló's inscription on the UNESCO List. He is an international expert in World Heritage and has worked in renowned institutions such as UNESCO (Paris). He is guest professor at Sorbonne University among others lecturing on World Heritage management. His experience includes publications, academic exchanges and conference in over 15 countries.

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