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25 - 27 September 2019, Dubrovnik

The 18th edition of the event gathered 160 colleagues form a wide scope of heritage professionals, coming from various geographical and working environments.

On 25th September our collective jury has chosen the #Romanovs100 & #1917LIVE - presented by Ivor Crotty from RT, to be the “IMAGINES Project of Influence” for the year 2019". This project was followed by Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters Interactive project by the National Museum of Australia - presented by Sarah Ozolins; and the third place by #ArchiveLottery project - presented by Adam Corsini from the Museum of London Archaeological Archive.

On 27th September the core programme title of “Project of Influence 2019” went to the the LAMO Centre, from Ladakh, India  – presented by Monisha Ahmed. The second, joint, place by number of votes was shared by the Detroit Historical Society, from the U.S. - presented by Tracy Smith Irwin and Marlowe Stoudamire, and State Museum of History of GULAG, from Moscow - presented by Anna Stadinchuk.

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